The beginning is nigh

As of today, I have 10 days remaining in Europe, 7 of them in Cambridge. And because I dread the moment when I have to actually put the rapidly growing pile of stuff in the middle of my room into my backpack, a little bit of procrastination seemed absolutely necessary.

So, I thought, why not try to express what I’m about to do in some numbers? Because numbers are fun…


8: number of countries visited (10, if you count flight transfers)

23: total number of flights taken

31: minimum number of postcards to be sent

64: SD-card storage capacity, in GB

77: Target weight upon return, in kg…

217: number of days on the road

6,187: highest altitude reached on foot, in m (20298 ft) – if all goes well, at least…

19,031: greatest distance from London attained, in km (11825 miles). Incidentally, this is in New Zealand rather than the Cook Islands which, as it turns out,are closer to the UK via the Americas. I should really have figured this out given the null meridian goes right through London and the flight out there involves crossing the date line…

62,123: number of km in the air (38,601 miles)

and finally…

1: life to sort out in London afterwards, as a matter of urgency…! Well, after Mays and May Week, anyway. (On a serious note, if anyone knows of a job starting in June/July, please let me know!)

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