Born in Germany to Hungarian and Romanian parents, I grew up in Vienna, Austria before moving to England to study at Girton College, Cambridge University.

After two years of an Economics degree and an internship at an investment bank, I realised that this was not a road I wanted to be on.  I soon came to a crossroads: In 2009, I switched degrees to Geography, added on a Master’s in geophysics (glaciology, to be specific – yes, it’s a thing!) and discovered my passion for science and for understanding how our planet works.

This rather radical shift also ignited a desire to discover its marvels of the world with my own eyes – and to bring them closer to others through the media of writing and photography. The first opportunity to write professionally arose at the British Antarctic Survey: not a bad start!

After graduating, I worked at the London 2012 Olympic Games and travelled for seven months: among many other things I climbed a Himalayan mountain, hiked into Mordor in New Zealand, escaped to the Cook Islands and drank in Japan’s bewildering beauty.

I then moved to London, where I have been a science writer at a learned society for the last year and a half. In my free time, I am a freelance writer and photographer. For more information, have a look at my writing and photography portfolios (coming soon).

I would be delighted to write guest posts on blogs and to talk to you about any projects you would like me to work on with you – please do get in touch!

Beating the humdrum – because life will only ever be as good as you make it.

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo's Imperial Palace Gardens, Japan

Beating the Humdrum by smelling some cherry blossoms in the gardens of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace.


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